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Don Morris Red Grape-75cl

Non Alcohol

Country: South Africa

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SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS: The grapes are specially selected for grape juice purposes, and only free run juice is used. The grapes are cooled down immediately after crushing to prevent oxidation. After settling the juice, it is filtered and ultra cooled to minus 3ºC to prevent fermentation as well as to tartrate stabilize the juice. The juice is kept unfermented in cold storage at minus 3ºC throughout the year. Every tank is checked twice a week for fermentation. 
Don Morris Sparkling Grape Juice is sterile filtered to give you a completely non-alcoholic product containing no added sugar. The juice is a 100% pure grape juice and not produced from concentrate.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Chenin Blanc (45%), Colombar (45%) and Muscat de Alexandrie (10%) grapes are used for making the grape juice.

 INGREDIENTS USED: SO2 (Sulphur dioxide) Enzymes – for settling Bentonite for protein stabilisation. Cream of tartar for tartrate stabilisation.


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