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Emborg Mixed Vegetables (450g)

  • Mixed Vegetable.

  • Nutritous and Healthy.

  • Rich in proteins and vitamins.

  • Good as garnishing for a variety of meals.

  • Hygienically prepared.

  • No additives are added - purely natural from organic grown fruits.

  • 450g.

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Product Description


Mixed vegetables refer to ready to use combination of cut vegetables. The vegetables may be chopped, sliced, cubed or in juliennes. The typical vegetables included in mixed vegetable are cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, French beans and peas. Several different dishes are called "mixed vegetables"; they all consist primarily of different kinds of vegetables cut into pieces and mixed together, then either served as-is or else cooked, typically by sauteing.When you prepare recipes that include a variety of types of vegetables, you receive the nutritional benefits of each. You will have created not only culinary masterpieces but also foods that work together to increase your health.

Emborg Fresh Frozen vegetables are selected from European farming areas with the best growing conditions. They are peeled, washed, rinsed and frozen within hours after harvest to retain the real taste and nutrients. Pick them fresh from your freezer for any meal, and benefit from the original vitamins and minerals that are preserved in every bite. Feel free to chop, mix, cook, blanch or boil your own favorite combination. Bring freshness to the table.


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