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Ogbono Soup Bundle(Essentials)

  • Ogbono-1 cup.

  • Pumpkin Leaf (Ugwu)-2 Bunches.

  • Beef-1kg

  • Dryfish-2 Big Sizes.

  • Stockfish-Medium Head.

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Product Description


Ogbono soup is on the list of Nigerian most popular soups. Ogbono soup is a delicious draw soup enjoyed by many tribes in Nigeria. It is also called Ogbolo and is sometimes complimented with leafy vegetables. This is by far the fastest soup to make. The ground ogbono seeds are used as a thickener, and give the soup a black coloration. Besides seeds, water and palm oil, it typically contains meat, seasonings such as chili pepper, fish and seafoods. Can be paired with Eba, Amala, Pounded Yam or Wheatmeal. 


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