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Fresh White Onions

  • Pure White Skin and a sweet, mild white Flesh.

  • Used in preparing salads, white sauces and Mexican foods.

  • Typically higher in water content.

  • Nutritious and Healthy.

  • Long-day Storage.

  • Available Year-Round.

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Product Description


Bulb onions can be yellow, red, or white. Approximately 87 percent of the crop is devoted to yellow onion production, with about eight percent red onions, and five percent white onions.

White onion is a type of dry onion that has a pure white skin and a sweet, mild white flesh. This onion is often used in preparing salads, white sauces, Mexican foods or complementing the flavors of other ingredients. It can be sautéed to a dark brown color and served to provide a sweet and sour flavor to other foods. Typically higher in water content, which reduces their shelf-life and makes them more susceptible to bruising. The white onion is a long-day storage variety of onions that is grown for its bulbous root. Each plant produces a singular root that is harvested once its vertical above ground leaf tops begin to wither and fall over and it is available year-round.


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