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Packaged Fruits

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  • Fresh Mangoes

    Mangoes ae juicy stone fruit (drupe) belonging to the genus Mangifera, consisting of numerous tropical fruiting trees, cultivated mostly for edible fruit. Can be used for mango juice and variety of fruit juices. Learn More
  • Friut crunchies helps to clean out the impurities that accumulate throughout the digestive system
  • It contributes to health and vitality.
  • Their high fiber content also helps to attach to toxins and remove them from the body. Learn More

  • TRS Almonds(100g)

    • Almond milk improves the skin complexion.
    • Contains Folic Acid.
    • Reduces hunger and promote weight loss.
    • Also reduces blood pressure and lowers blood sugar level.
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  • Fresh Plum (1kg)

    • Maintains Healthy Skin.
    • Boosts immunity, heart health and bone health.
    • Good Source of Potassium, Vitamin A and B.
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  • Peaches (Imported)

    • Fruit.
    • Healthy and Edible.
    • Rich source of Vitamins and Minerals.
    • No Cholesterol.
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  • Kiwi Fruit

    • Kiwi Fruit.
    • Has a Soft Texture
    • Great Taste and Unique Flavor.
    • Helps Your Digestion with Enzymes.
    • Helps Manage Blood Pressure.
    • Boosts Your Immunity.
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  • Strawberry Fruit-1kg

    • Delicious, rich-red, sweet Berry.
    • Used for milk shakes, ice creams and chocolates.
    • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals.
    • Healthy for all.
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  • 7 Item(s)

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