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Asli Golden Basmati Rice-5kg

  • Asli Golden Basmati Rice.

  • Has Delicate Taste.

  • Finest Quality Basmati Rice.

  • Easy to Cook.

  • Light and Fluffy when Cooked.

  • Used in most Cuisines as an Accompaniment to almost all Dishes.

  • Has a Unique Aroma, Texture and Elongation.

  • An Ideal Rice For Your Everyday Use.

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Product Description


Our Premium Basmati Rice delivers on taste, aroma and texture to make it the ideal choice for your favorite rice dishes. It is perfectly aged to create that unique Indian basmati flavour that helps you make and enjoy full fluffy and consistent rice dishes every time. Asli Gloden Basmati rice is an extra long grain basmati rice with high nutritional value and can last long with it healthy characters for consumption. Enjoy!!!


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