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Cabbage - Green

Green Cabbage is great raw or cooked. Raw, it is popular as coleslaw. Cabbage is great added to soups, or stews and is the wrapper of cabbage rolls.

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Green Cabbage is delightful in dishes featuring game meats. It is the base ingredient for German Sauerkraut. Steamed or sauteed, it is a very tasty side dish. Green cabbage is locally available July through October but is generally available year round. Our cabbages are unusually large this time of year. (Approximately 1.47Kg.) Handling & Storage: It is best to store cabbage by itself. Cabbage should never be stored with fruit, especially apple, even if the temperature and relative humidity is similar. Fruits and some vegetables give off ethylene gas in storage which will cause the cabbage to discolor. Ethylene also causes individual leaves to form abscission layers where the leaf stalk joins the core. The leaves will subsequently fall off and the heads will be unmarketable. It is important to handle the heads carefully to prevent bruising. Any damage sustained by the cabbage head will result in increased susceptibility to disease organisms. Before storage all dead, damaged and diseased leaves should be removed. Any heads showing disease symptoms should be discarded, since diseases can spread from head to head in storage.


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