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Fanta Orange Drink(Pet Bottle)35cl x 6

  • Fanta Orange Drink

  • Rich in Vitamin C

  • Has a Fruity Orange Taste

  • Natural Flavoring

  • Refreshing at all times

  • Best Served Chilled

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Product Description


Fanta is launched in 1960 and is the second oldest brand of the coca-cola company in Nigeria. Fanta is a bubbly, fruity and colorful and sparkling drink. It contain carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid, stabilizers, flavorings, sodium benzoate and coloring to give a great taste and a refreshing mindset in your daily activities. The brand represents a playful spirit appealing to everyone to laugh, play and take life less seriously. Fanta is enjoyed more than 130 millions times everyday world.


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