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Lysol Cucumber & Watermelon Hand Wash-251ml

  • Lysol Antibacterial Hand Wash

  • Kills 99.9% of Bacterial

  • Help Support Proper Hand Washing to Prevent Spread of Germs.

  • Enriched with Cucumber and Watermelon

  • Has a Refreshing Scents to make your Environment Cool and Nice.

  • Efficiency to Clean Easily at Anytime, Any day.

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Product Description


Lysol Healthy Touch No Touch Hand soap system helps eliminate millions of germs your hand carry each day. The system are enriched with hydrating ingredients and refreshing scents to help keep your hands feeling soft and healthy. Lysol no touch antibacterial soap kills 99.9 percents of bacterial you come by each time and support proper hand washing to help prevent spread of germs. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom use with it efficiency to clean easily at anytime, any day.


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