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Ofada Rice (Whole Grain) - 1.0kg

  • Ofada Rice ( Whole Grain)

  • It is Made Locally & Suitable for all Age

  • 100% Natural

  • Tasty Meal

  • High cooked rice volume.

  • Highly Nutritious in Nutrients.

  • Not marshy after cooking.

  • Already dehusked and ready for cooking.

  • Pleasant Ofada rice odour.

  • Served with Stew Sauce and Vegetable Stew.

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Product Description


Ofada RIce is a name for heritage variety of rice grown in south-west Nigeria and grown almost exclusively in Ogun State. Ofada rice is mostly blends and are not indigenous to Africa. This local delicacy comes with a unique aroma, flavor and taste. It is traditionally served in an uma leaf with stew sauce and vegetable stew


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