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Omo Fast Action Detergent (160g)

  • Omo Fast Action.

  • Omo Detergent.

  • Helps For Brighter Cloth.

  • Tough Dirt Removal Formula.

  • Washing Detergent, Washing Soap.

  • For Laundry, Dish washing and many more.

  • Nice fragrant And Lasting On Cloth.

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Product Description


Omo  Fast Action is the Best ever stain remover. New OMO active is formulated with Deep Cleaning Capsules that are like magnets for dirt. They penetrate the fabric to lift out & dissolve even the toughest stains with east. The result? OMOs best ever stain re

  • Omo Fast Action
  • Product: Detergent
  • Usage: Shows, Home, Washing Of Cloth, Bathrooms, Car, Laundry And So On
  • Nice fragrant And Lasting On Cloth


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