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Uncle Ben's Rice-5kg

  • Uncle Ben's Rice.

  • 100% Extra Free

  • Long-grain Premium Rice.

  • Low Fat.

  • Unique Taste.

  • Highly Nutritious.

  • Easy to Cook.

  • Non-Sticky.

  • Good For Every Occasion.

  • Ready in 10 Minutes.

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Product Description


Uncle Ben's Rice tastes so good and it is very easy to cook. It has undergone special processing so that it will be your source of nutrients like fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamins. In the processing of this rice, no nutrients have been lost. This parboiled rice cooks into a firmer, less sticky rice than other types of rice. It is fast and easy to cook. This rice comes in a strong bag that will make sure it is well preserved even when it is opened.


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